Links to all kinds of SWGoH related stuff

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Links to all kinds of SWGoH related stuff

Post by kerenskij on Fri Feb 24, 2017 4:52 pm

This will be a collection of links to various useful sites related to SWGoH.
If you have anything you think should go here, post below and I will add it to the first post to keep everything well ordered.
Please note that there are specific threads for AAT-links and Rancor-links in the corresponding forums so make sure to also check there.
Great website with information about characters, gear-levels, challenges etc. etc.
Probably it's best feature is linking your account so you and others can study your characters in detail.
Also features guilds where all players from a guild can be comfortably linked in one page. (see the NDD roster for example.

Ren, do you know where you found this so I can link it?
Excel file with modding suggestions for all heroes.
Save it to your computer and open with Excel.
Some heroes even have more than one suggested build.
Guide on how to optimize your play towards Guild Daily Activities.
Droid speed calculator
Great HAAT guide by Artemax and syntetic (please correct me if I'm wrong or forgot someone).

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