My Rancor Experience - Soloing with Zader

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My Rancor Experience - Soloing with Zader

Post by kerenskij on Wed Mar 15, 2017 1:55 pm

After probably getting lucky in the first Pit-raid with my Zader team, I think I've finally figured out how to solo the Rancor reliably.

Here's my squad:

Zader (L)

And here is what everyone does with priorities (i.e. use #1 if off cooldown unless otherwise stated, then #2 and so on):

Phase 1 - Pigs

#1 - Force Crush
#2 - Terrifying Swing (basic)
#3 - Culling Blade (CB)
Force Crush is a no-brainer, you want to apply as many DoTs as possible to eventually deal huge damage with CB and also have the DoTs tick on the Pig.
I'd actually avoid using CB until you can one-shot the Pig with it. Otherwise you'll remove Speed Down and Tenacity Down and you don't want that.
Feel free to use CB on the two side-pigs for the kill and 100% TM.

#1 Targeting Computer (TC) (basic)
#2 TIE Strike (TS)
TC can apply Tenacity Down on a critical hit. Also as far as I know it should do more damage to a single target than TS.
So always use TC unless, possibly, when the two little pigs are up. Then, it can be used to debuff all three pigs to give TFP more TM.

#1 Let the Hate Flow (LtHF)
#2 Lightning Strike (LS) (basic)
#3 Power of the Dark Side (PotDS)
LtHF gives all of your toons offense up. As Phase 1 is pretty much about DPSing the Pig down before he enrages you want to have offense up as much as possible.
PotDS isn't really useful 'cause the main Pig is immune to stuns. Use it only when all three piggies are up. And even then I'd typically prioritize LtHF.

#1 Quick Strike (QS) (basic)
#2 Humbling Blow (HB)
#3 Harmonious Assault (HA)
So I used to think using HA would be great because of the chance of the assisting Empire ally to reduce TM.
But it's much less effective in reducing TM than QS and thus I would recommend against using HA at all in P1.
HB should only be used to debuff a pig (preferably the Captain) to give everyone offense up.

#1 Tactical Genius (TG)
#2 It's a Trap! (IaT)
#3 Quick Shot (QS) (basic)
So AA is the true support on this team. TG should be used to give either Zader or EP an extra turn to apply Force Crush or Let the Hate Flow more often.
If anyone on your team is debuffed you should use IaT, even if TG is off CD!

Phase 2-4 - Rancor

I did not test this as thoroughly as P1 yet, but as far as I can tell this is much easier than P1.
Just apply Speed Down with Zader and Tenacity Down with TFP, then Auto-Basic for the win.

After some more testing and an actual raid-run today I have to add some things about phases 2-4.
Do NOT use Culling Blade unless you're 100% sure it will kill the Rancor.
Today I thought I'd be cool and end P2 by using Culling Blade. It didn't do enough damage and the Rancor promptly replied by stomping my squad and instagibbing 2.
Also, watch the Rancor's TM and get the door down enough so you can one-shot it with basically any toon.
That way, if you miss several TMRs in a row, you can fall back to making the door come down.

That's it for now, I'll see how this works out over the next few Pit Raids and report back here, but the testing today was very promising.

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Re: My Rancor Experience - Soloing with Zader

Post by Gul Ski on Thu Mar 16, 2017 12:42 am

Great guide...I use nearly the same team but use Darth Sidious instead of AA so I get more DoTs but have the hassle of making sure the pig doesn't kill me with deathmark!

I use QGJ's Harmonious Assault when the pig captain has a small amount of TM because it usually takes him down to 0 TM as the toon assisting has a good TMR chance.

Your little tip of using Zader's CB on one of the side pigs is actually fantastic as the 100% TM gain allows Zader to use Force Crush one turn quicker - I'm definitely going to use that going forward!

Gul Ski

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