The Future of SWGoH and Sandy Day Dawning

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The Future of SWGoH and Sandy Day Dawning

Post by kerenskij on Mon Apr 03, 2017 2:20 pm

Dear guildmates,
I thing we're at a lovely spot in the development of our guild(s).
Sandpeople are now so strong, that we start considering ways to slow down HAAT to give everyone a chance to get (enough) damage in.
I think this is a great point to think about where we want to go as a guild.
And imho, this is intricately linked with what will happen with SWGoH in the future.

I think we can follow two(three) paths.
Either, we focus on improving everyone in Sandpeople as much as possible, to prepare for upcoming content.
Or, we try to help the people in New Day Dawning.
Finally, it might be reasonably possible to do both.

I will talk about New Day Dawning first.
When we merged the two guilds, the idea was to build up the people in NDD to get them to a level where they can also do HAAT.
What if we swapped some strong people from SP back to NDD. Would it be possible for both guilds to complete HAAT?
In order to determine this we should carefully record the damage everyone can do.
This might require people holding back in raids to allow others to unleash their full potential.
If we would come to the conclusion that we can have both guilds complete HAAT everyone would profit.
The people now in NDD would be able to get Kenobi shards.
And the people now in SP would most likely be getting better rewards from HAAT as they would be mixed with weaker people from NDD.
The obvious obstacle, besides finding out if this is possible, is the stress of swapping around again.
But I think we should at least discuss this, considering that we did retain NDD by giving people the hope to eventually do HAAT.

The development of SWGoH is something that I am very excited about.
While I'm not terribly crazy about most of the recently released characters, I very much look forward to the next upcoming guild content.
I'm sure there are many guilds like ours, that can complete HAAT easily nowadays.
So I hope that EA/CG will introduce the next raid sooner rather than later.
I have seen the following video on youtube speculating that the next raid will revolve arounds ships:

Will this seems to be 100 % speculation I do agree with the idea that it would be strange for EA to put in ships just for their own sake/to farm Zetas.
So I hope/think that a ship-raid will be coming.
What I have no idea about is if it will be the next new raid or a later one.

Personally, I will focus a significant amount of my resources on improving my ships, regardless of the fact that I managed to beat and 3-star the Zeta-mats challenge today.
This will prepare me well for any upcoming ship content and will also make Ship-Arena fun.

I'd love to hear your opinions on where the game might go and what we as a guild should be aiming at.
Also, if anyone of you has any links to speculations/datamining/predictions about upcoming content, please post here!

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